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    Traditional Foods of Bologna

    The farmhouse, sales directly, in farm store, beef meat, pork meat, and poultry. There are at disposal from the producer, to the consumer, in the retail sail, bullocks, porks, chickens, hens, turkeys, capons, guinea fowls, and rabbits, of our breeding, selected and farmed not only with respect of strict hygienic and sanitary rules, but also with care and commitment coming from several years of activity. In addition to eggs, of our domestic fowls, also acacia honey, and millefiori honey, (since august). In addition to various cold cuts, and eggs, from breedings free-range, we produce different kind of cheeses, made in a little dairy, which:
    Matured and fresh cheeses, Matured and fresh caciotta cheese, Beef ricotta cheese
    Matured caciotte cheese matured romagnole underground (Mondaino)
    On demand free gift wrapping service, with typical farmhouse products.
    Retail sale of typical local product available by order only:
    Wednesday and Saturday on the afternoon
    Sunday: from 10 to 16

    On the inside of the farmhouse is available a slaughter that can be used by a third party.

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